Vendor Information

Zenith offer a range of ex-lease vehicles covering a range of makes, models, grades and mileages.

Auction Type
Auctions and Buy-It-Now.

Stock Profile
Multi makes, grades 1-5 – mainly 2-3 year old leasing vehicles.

Photos and condition report available on the platform.

V5 / Keys
V5 status updated on the platform, will be available on collection. Check inspection for keys.

Collection Location
Collection times, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Multiple locations, detailed on the platform.

Not available.

Details on the platform.

Details on the platform.

Most VAT Qualifying Vehicles, check vehicle record.

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Buying Process

Vehicle purchased

Bid accepted by seller & buyer

Invoice available on system

Buyer pays epyx as per invoice

Vehicle released and collection date confirmed

V5 and spare key handed over with vehicle

Buyer collects vehicle

For further information please contact your Account Manager on 01676 571 098.

Information correct at time of publishing.