Vendor Information – VWFS

Auction Type
Daily buy-it-now’s

Stock Profile
Mostly VWFS stock – Audi, Skoda, Seat VW, VWCV, Porsche. Also some non-franchise stock.

Inspections on the platform with grades.

V5 / Keys
V5 and key details will be in sales text.

Mainly C Walton, Bruntingthorpe.

Delivery / Collection
£109 + VAT for UK.
Ireland £215.
Collection from C Walton.  

Will be stated in sales information.

Will be stated in sales information.

Will be stated in sales information.

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Buying Process

Vehicle purchased

Invoice will be on the platform

Payment to epyx. Release will be sent to C.Walton & buyer

Two releases per day at 12pm and 4pm. If payment is marked before 12pm vehicles can be collected 24 hours later. After 12pm, allow 48 hours

Buyer can collect from C.Walton or delievered if opted. £99 + VAT for UK. Ireland £215

V5, spare key etc will be with the vehicle, unless stated in the sales text

For further information please contact your Account Manager on 01676 571 098.

Information correct at time of publishing.