Used car dealer engagement team created as 1link Disposal Network buyer base grows

Mark & Lauren

The number of used car dealers utilising the 1link Disposal Network platform to acquire stock continues to grow. As a result of this, we have created a new Engagement Team.

Mark Davis has been named as Senior Online Engagement Manager and Lauren Clifford as Online Engagement Manager for the platform, which several major fleets use for remarketing.

Vicky Gardner, epyx Head of Remarketing, explained that 1link Disposal Network has seen an increase in its buyer base among franchise dealers, independents and car supermarkets.

She said: “We saw substantial growth for the platform in 2018 with the buyer base increasing by 23% and the volume of vehicles sold rising by 15%.

“To subsequently capitalise on this success, we’ve created a new engagement team. The team will help existing customers get the most out of 1link Disposal Network, as well as increase new customer penetration.

“While these are new roles for Mark and Lauren, both are longstanding members of the 1link Disposal Network department at epyx and have in-depth knowledge of the remarketing sector.”

Vicky added that car supermarkets would be especially targeted given their current level of growth and need for high quality stock.

“It appears to us that car supermarkets and 1link Disposal Network are very well-matched. Our proposition is based on providing top grade, well-priced stock from reputable fleets using technology to make the purchasing process as easy as possible.

“This very much fits in with the business model of most of the major car supermarkets and we are therefore already having productive conversations with some of the most well-known and respected.”

So, get in touch with Mark and Lauren today. See how our engagement team can help you make the most of 1link Disposal Network.

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