Our new buying platform is coming soon.

We have extensively upgraded our longstanding remarketing platform with the developement of 1link Trade Buyer, set for launch soon.

Our new product will take the place of 1link Disposal Network for the 3,000 dealers who use the platform to buy ex-fleet stock. It has been rewritten over a period of two years based on the availability of new technology and an extensive research programme into the needs of both existing and potential users. The result is a faster, more efficient and more user-friendly buying experience that the company believes will be industry-leading.

Vicky Gardner, head of remarketing, said: “For almost 20 years, we have used the 1link Disposal Network brand for our two remarketing platforms, whether they faced towards the dealers who were buying stock or fleet vendors selling cars and vans.

“With the new investment and enhancements we have made to the dealer platform, now seemed like the perfect time to create two clear and separate identities with the launch of 1link Trade Buyer while continuing with 1link Disposal Network for fleets.

“The platform we are launching has been re-engineered from the ground up to provide a cutting edge user experience that’s powered by state of the art technology. In a highly competitive sector, we have created something that stands out from the opposition.

“Certainly, the immediate response from our established dealer community has been very positive to both the advantages of the new technology and the new name, which much better explains what the platform does and who it is for.”

Enhancements in 1link Trade Buyer include advanced vehicle filtering with multi-pick selections and dynamic counts, updated vehicle summary and vehicle detailed cards with more detailed service history and clearer data presentation, higher quality imagery, key information indicators, downloadable stock lists and improved address tools.

Vicky said: “Everything we have done with 1link Trade Buyer is designed to do one thing – enable dealers to identify and acquire the stock they want as quickly and as easily possible.

“In 2020, the viability of almost all used car operations depends on a rapid turnover of the right stock and we have expanded rapidly in recent years by helping our dealer community do just that. Now, the changes we have made enhance that approach significantly.”

Vicky added that 1link Trade Buyer would retain the same pricing structure as previously used, which was popular with dealers.

“We have flat rate, low-cost, buyer’s fee options for dealers. It’s simple, fair and transparent and we have no plans to change it.”

1link Trade Buyer is coming soon