New no-subscription option for dealers to buy vehicles

New no-subscription option for dealers to buy vehicles

1link Disposal Network has introduced a no subscription model for dealers who want to buy vehicles through the e-commerce platform.

Dealers can now buy vehicles by paying a single fee of £95 for each car or van. This is in place of buying a typical annual subscription of £395 plus £75 per vehicle.

Tim Meadows, commercial director at epyx, said: “The number of vehicles being sold through the platform will treble between last year and next year. Running into several tens of thousands of cars and vans, we’ll want to attract more dealers onto the platform to see exactly what we have available.

“The new, alternative pricing structure gives those dealers an opportunity to try 1link Disposal Network. They can see exactly how well it works without committing to a subscription.

“Over time, however, we expect most of them to switch to the annual subscription model. This is simply because it makes greater financial sense if you are buying more than a handful of cars.”

Tim said that 1link Disposal Network was creating a growing reputation as a reliable supplier of ready-to-retail stock.

“This is very much where the majority of our stock is positioned at the moment. Thanks to our highly efficient supply chain and the efficiency of our platform, we are becoming the preferred choice for many manufacturers and leasing companies when it comes to defleeting very high quality cars and vans.

“Especially, we are currently listing large numbers of ex-PCP and leasing stock from manufacturers and major leasing companies. This stock will be ready to retail and will offer exceptionally good value for dealers.”