More dealers signing up to 1link Trade Buyer to beat stock shortages

Increasing numbers of dealers are signing up to source used cars and vans online through our 1link Trade Buyer platform as stock shortages increasingly impact businesses.

The company says that in May, 55 new dealers joined the platform as buyers, following 49 in April and 57 in March. In 2019, the most recent comparable year, the equivalent figures were much lower – 37 in May, 33 in April and 39 in March.

Debbie Fox, commercial director at epyx, said: “Dealers are finding that they cannot obtain all of the stock they want and need from their usual sources and are looking to new outlets in order to attempt to make up the shortfall.

“Especially, they appear to be signing up to digital sources such as 1link Trade Buyer because they are able to search through larger amounts of stock much more rapidly and effectively than through more traditional methods.

“At a point in time when stock is in such short supply and dealers are having to cast their nets much more widely, digital routes are providing an effective alternative.”

She added that she expected the situation to persist and even become more acute over the course of the remainder of 2021.

“The factors that are affecting used car and supply, such as restricted new car production, will not be solved easily, and there are no indications that the used vehicle sector will return to normal trading conditions any time soon.

“In the meantime, we expect growing numbers of dealers to continue to increase their digital sourcing footprint especially as 1link Trade Buyer has a tariff available which has no annual subscription fee and flat rate, low cost buyer fees.”

If you’re looking for a fresh source of used vehicles, then sign up to 1link Trade Buyer here