Introducing our new claims portal

A brand new feature added to 1link Trade Buyer allows you to easily resolve any issues with the vehicles you have bought from vendors via the platform.

The Claims Administration tool creates a digital process that allows concerns such as mechanical or bodywork problems to be reported, assessed by us, and then relayed back to the vendor for a solution to be agreed upon.

Tim Meadows, chief commercial officer, said: “Vendors have put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that cars and vans sold by fleets to dealers through 1link Trade Buyer are very accurately imaged and described but occasional glitches inevitably occur.

“When they do happen, these issues tend to be quite time-consuming for everyone in the sales chain and have traditionally been resolved manually, so what we have created here is an online process that brings both structure and efficiency to the stages of reporting, assessing and resolution.

“We find out about the problem, how the dealer would like it resolved and then work with the vendor to respond appropriately. Essentially, the aim is to resolve the problem as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of all parties – and the digitalisation of this process delivers on those objectives.”

1link Trade Buyer is used by a community of more than 3,500 franchise and independent vehicle retailers to buy stock from major fleets including leading car and van leasing companies. Tim added: “Since 2020, when 1link Trade Buyer was completely rewritten and relaunched, we have been adding further features designed to make it easier for dealers to buy the stock they need, and the Claims Administration tool is just the latest.”

To find out more about how the claims portal can help you, please get in touch via this contact form.