1link Trade Buyer officially launched after extensive 2020 trial

We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched our completely redesigned version of our online trade-buying platform with the new name of 1link Trade Buyer.

The new product takes the place of our long-established 1link Disposal Network for around 3,500 dealers who use it to buy ex-fleet and rental stock.

We have developed 1link Trade Buyer based on the availability of new technology and following an extensive research programme into the needs of both existing and potential users, explained Debbie Fox, Commercial Director here at epyx.

She explained: “The platform has been re-engineered from the ground up with a very sharp focus on one core objective – to enable dealers to identify and acquire the stock they want as quickly and as easily possible, whatever device they are using.

“The trading conditions of early 2021 mean that used car and van operations need, more than ever, to offer the right vehicles in the right condition to potential buyers in order to maximise online sales. The changes we have made make it easier to get those vehicles.”

Enhancements in 1link Trade Buyer include advanced vehicle filtering with multi-pick selections and dynamic counts, updated vehicle summary and vehicle cards with more detailed service history and clearer data presentation, full-screen imagery, key information indicators, downloadable stock lists and image packs as well as offering a fully mobile-friendly buying experience.

Debbie said: “We were originally aiming for a phased launch of 1link Trade Buyer early last year. Of course, this was affected by the pandemic but this gave us time to refine the product still further and create all kinds of useful, incremental improvements.

“Over the last few months, we have gradually switched more and more trade buyers from the old platform to the new, and have been able to make changes based on their suggestions and feedback.

“The results have been impressive. September and October 2020 were our biggest months ever in terms of trade volumes and we are also able to see higher levels of general engagement, including from previously-dormant users.”

She added that, for almost 20 years, epyx had used the 1link Disposal Network brand for both of its remarketing platforms, whether they faced towards the dealers who were buying stock or fleet vendors selling vehicles.

“With the new investment and enhancements we have made to the dealer platform, now seemed like the perfect time to create two clear and separate identities with the launch of 1link Trade Buyer while continuing with 1link Disposal Network for fleets.”

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