Vendor Information

Auction Type
Buy-It-Now & Auctions.

Stock Profile
Range of brands, Grades 1-2, Max age 2 yrs, Ex rentals.

Photos and condition report available from account managers.

V5 / Keys
All  have a V5. The v5s are sent to the buyer when purchased. Spare key and book pack will be handed over with the vehicle.

SMH Fleet Solutions, Thurleigh Airfield, Bedford, MK44 2YP.

Delivery / Collection
Collection Only. Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Most Vehicles fully serviced.

Not applicable due to the age of the vehicle.


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Buying Process

Vehicle purchased

Bid accepted by seller & buyer

Invoice available on the platform

Buyer pays epyx directly

Vehicle released 24 hours after payment

Buyer collects vehicle

V5 sent directly to buyer

For further information please contact your Account Manager on 01676 571 098.

Information correct at time of publishing.